We made this poster for the Melvins a year ago.

This commission arrived in one of the most complicated moments in Dead Flag Studios’ existence. I was in Portugal visiting some friends and family, K and I were dealing with a difficult situation, and the mourning of one of my best friends was pretty recent.

I was at Buffalo Bar’s terrace with my beloved friend Jorge talking about Cesar’s legacy and loss, about Nick Drake and about 12 string guitars when I got the email, so I asked him to pick a city and to let Dead Flag use his face on the poster.

It was my first “portrait”, a massive challenge and something completely out of my comfort zone but since me and Jorge are big fans of the band, I thought it was good to make a kind of homage to the best musician in my hometown and one of my biggest references.

Beyond that, my first commission ever was for Moch Of Doom, Jorge and César’s band when I was 15-16 years old. I felt this was a good way of thanking them for being the first band trusting my work.

A few days later I got back to the Pyrenees to start drawing when K and I got Covid. So we spent the whole illustration process stuck at home, drawing with fever and all the other symptoms. We thought that we wouldn’t be able to handover the work in time, but thankfully, everything worked out and we were able to send it in time for printing.

So, the poster is in homage to Jorge, “O Nick Drake Da Terra do Mata e Queima”.

It was printed in Europe by Rock’n’Merch and in the U.S. by Upright Press. You may find it on our online store.