We drew this poster on January 2019, for season 2018-2019 concerts of Rockodrom.

The idea came from a landscape that was stuck in my memory from my first tour in Japan. We were in the middle of Tokyo, and suddenly, we found an old cemetery with an enormous garden, a place hidden from the metal and concrete.

That “hidden place” sensation reminded us of the music from Anteros, and it was easy drawing a landscape similar to the one from the cemetery.

After a few months, before our first participation in the FAI, we decided to make a poster with the illustration. As always, we worked with Rock N Merch, and we did a 4 color Screen Printing limited to 32 copies. The shirts arrived in 2020 from Lost Serigrafia, and they were out first sold out item.

A few years later, in this sprint sale we sold out the posters and we were very happy to say that they would never be reprinted again.

Orchid was the first poster and t-shirt of the Ornamental series, and in a few months, we hope to continue this collection.